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Redefining sustainability education

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A Radioactive Decision Should DTE Energy build a new nuclear reactor in Michigan?

Given regulatory pressures to reduce GHG emissions, DTE Energy must decide if nuclear power is a viable option to cleanly meet expected energy demand.


Biofuels: Beneficial or Bad? Should a Ghanaian chief sell his land for biofuel crop cultivation?

A biofuel company wants to grow jatropha, but their operations could create problems in addition to socioeconomic opportunity.


Certified “fair” Are direct trade supply chains better for Peruvian coffee producers?

Certification is a complex process and consumers increasingly have alternatives.


Codesigning Efficiency Who knows the best cookstove design for Gabonese communities?

Inefficient stoves cause health problems, deforestation, and air pollution; collaborative construction could offer alternatives.

Controlled Dam Removal Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t: should Pellston remove its historic dam?

The Little Traverse Conservancy has just acquired the Maple River Dam and Lake Kathleen, and must decide whether to retain the dam as part of a new nature preserve.


Deep Port Politics Will China’s investment in African infrastructure harm economies?

China is building roads, harbors, and railroads, but monetary and ecological monitoring is crucial.


Dioxane Plume Pollution Should a university town be a Superfund site?

Actors from the local to national level deliberate about limited remediation where cleanup is costly.

Electronic Graveyard What is the solution to Ghana’s e-waste dilemma?

Unregulated electronic waste recycling practices harm human health and the environment, but efforts to reclaim a toxic waste site come with their own set of challenges.


Fuel Fracas Can Michigan legislators create frameworks for limiting damage from fracking?

Efforts to ban hydraulic fracturing have failed; governance solutions remain to be tested.

National Adaptation How Does Ethiopia Plan to Protect its Communities From Climate Change?

The UNDP has limited resources to mitigate the effects of climate change, and lots of worthy projects to choose from.


Planning by the People Can participatory urban planning in Addis Ababa be a model for cities everywhere?

Innovative land-cover mapping at the neighborhood scale in Africa helps resolve food and water security challenges.


Souring Climate Can Michigan tart cherry growers adapt to changing weather?

As earlier blooms expose cherries frost, the industry searches for a solution.


Tailpipe to Tap How did the Reagan administration become leaders on unleaded gasoline?

Today's water safety advocates might take cues from leadership lessons in the past.


Water Crisis Confidential Can Flint nonprofit funding meet urgent community needs?

Emergencies demand rapid response: NGOs need to know how to move money around fast.


coping with Cocoa Complications How do economic factors impact land usage decisions of Ghanaian cocoa farmers?

Between maintaining their farms or selling their land to illegal miners, the decision is more about survival than anything else.